Served as investment focus with Us Offshore

Served as investment focus with Us Offshore

Serbia is a sovereign state, an Orthodox Christian country situated at the confluence of eastern and western empires, covering the southern part of the Pannian plain and the central Balkans. Serbia is a country located on the peninsula of southeastern Europe, with extensive plateaus to the north and mountains with more southern ski resorts. Its capital is the city of Belgrade and was successively occupied by the Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empires.

If you speak English or Russian then you need not worry as Serbian citizens fluently master both languages, are well educated, and are also very welcoming and friendly to foreigners. Plus, for a low cost (especially outside Belgrade), resident Serbs have access to healthy organic products of a quality you can’t easily find anywhere.

Serbia is a country located on the peninsula of southeastern Europe, and covers the southern part of the Pannian plain.

Living in Serbia is very comfortable because of its modern and developed infrastructure, and residence can be obtained through a relatively easy process, either by investing in real estate or setting up a business. It is also possible to obtain residence through the establishment of branches. As if that weren’t enough, Servia’s strategic location allows its residents to travel freely and easily to different parts of the world.

Another attractive feature is the fact that Serbia is in the process of becoming a member of the European Union, whose initial negotiation has already begun and its inclusion is ready for 2023.

Panoramic view of Gardos – Zemun in Belgrade city, Republic of Serbia

If you think Servia has nothing to offer in the areas of investment and finance, let us show you otherwise.

According to the IBM Institute for Commercial Value’s 2014 “Global Location Trends” report, Servia has regained its position at the top of the world’s investment destination, which is measured by the number of jobs in the world. relation to the number of inhabitants. In addition, Serbia is the only country outside the former Soviet Union states that has a free trade agreement with Russia and is ranked No. 43 on the World Bank’s “Doing Business” global list.

If these reasons are not enough, we invite you to know the fifteen reasons that make Servia an excellent focus for investors. We also invite you to reflect on the fantastic weather that Serbia offers and to imagine yourself taking a walk during a warm, sunny spring day. The winter seasons in this wonderful country are short, while spring and autumn bring with it a mild and pleasant climate.

According to the IBM Institute for Business Value 2014 report “Global Location Trends 2014”, Servia has regained its position at the top of the investment destination in the world.

Finally, you will receive some data from Serbia which may be of interest to you, your family and friends:

Population of the capital1.65 million
Official languageSerbian
Ethnic Groups (2011)83% services4% Hungarians2% romans2% Bosnians9% others
GovernmentUnitary Parliamentary Constitutional Republic
LegislatureNational Assembly
Medieval StateLate 8th century
Kingdom / Empire Service1217/1346
Fall of the Serbian Empire before the Ottoman Empire1459
Principality of Serbia1815
Ottoman Empire Oath of Independence1878
Area88,361 km 2
Estimated Population for 20167,041,599
Total GDP (nominal)$ 37.740 billion (2016 estimate)
Per capita$ 5,267
CurrencyService Dinar (RSD)
TimezoneCET (UTC + 1)